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My Flights Preview

Project Planning

  • Record details of the client and the job's requirements
  • Structured workflow to guide you through the process of defining a job, identifying hazards and risks, and assigning resources
  • Supplement the planning activities by attaching your own files or capturing images using your device's camera
Screenshot showing the job definition and also the job workflow tabs

Hazard Identification and Risk Management

  • Structured forms to help you identify potential hazards in your areas of operation
  • Easily assess the risks associated with hazards and record any action you plan to take to reduce the level of risk
  • View details of previous flights to review the hazards and risks identified during flight planning
  • On-screen guidance simplifies the process of identifying and managing risks and defining subsequent action
Screenshot showing a form for entering information about a hazard, automatically calculating risk levels, entering mitigation


  • Assign people, RPASs, batteries, sensors, controllers and other equipment to flights
  • Easily record flight start/finish times
  • Automatically generate Operator Activity Records, RPAS Equipment-Running Records and Battery Usage Records
Screenshot showing the RPAS In-Flight form, where the start date/time is easily entered, along with logbook comments

Team Working

  • Assign yourself or any members of your team to a flight
  • Each flight can have multiple users assigned, each with an assigned role such as Operator, Commander, Observer
  • On completion of a flight, Activity Records are automatically generated for every user assigned to the flight
Screenshot showing the window for assigning people and equipment to a flight. People have roles and batteries have usage (RPA / RPS)

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