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RPAS Portal Operator Toolkit
Are you using industry best practice?

RPAS Portal™ is a robust web based management tool that provides a secure platform designed specifically for RPAS operators to manage their business.

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Maintain best practice;
instantly access all your flight information anytime.


Manage and record all your flight details in line with industry best practice.
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Track asset use, monitor battery charges and performance.
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Activity & Maintenance

Automated activity records for all flights detailing key flight information.
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Identify hazards and mitigate potential risk.
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Add personnel to flights and automate team flight records. Share platform and battery records. Learn More

Who is RPAS Portal for?

RPAS operators who want to stay at the forefront of the UAS industry and keep working to best practice can do so with RPAS Portal.

Regardless of what you call them; be it drones, RPAS, UAV’s or UAS the applications for unmanned aircraft across industry are growing at a phenomenal rate. Operating a drone for broadcasting, cinematography, surveying, mapping, agriculture, conservation or property management is becoming increasingly popular. Whatever the application the rules are the same and there is no better way of managing your RPAS operations than in the RPAS Portal.

Fly Smarter;
manage your UAS operations with RPAS Portal.

Keep Track of your Flights and Flying Hours

RPAS Portal enables you to greatly reduce the amount of time you spend planning, managing and recording information whilst ensuring a safety first, best practice approach.

Operators can efficiently update training logs, record flight activity and demonstrate competency to airworthiness authorities such as the CAA or insurance companies in one easily accessible place.

Maintain Best Practice

RPAS Portal is a dynamic tool that is continuously being developed to add value to your business operations. Working with industry experts and regulators alike, RPAS Portal is constantly evolving so you can be assured of compliance with future legislation and know you are at the forefront of the industry.

Save Time - Faster Paperwork

Speed up your day-to-day recording activities by using RPAS Portal to reduce your paperwork when planning aerial tasks, managing hazards and risks, recording flight details, tracking and logging aircraft use and monitoring battery lifespan all in one place. After each flight RPAS Portal will update your personal, battery and platform logbooks.

Instant Access – Anywhere

Update your records in the field whilst flying. It is easy to access your data and update information wherever you are as RPAS Portal is accessible with an internet connection on all mainstream mobile and tablet devices.

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Take a closer look

We have created a series of ‘How To’ videos to provide a walk-though of the RPAS Portal so that you can see how the features and functionality within the product come together to provide an integrated suite of RPAS Operator tools for all your unmanned air system activity.

  • My Logbook - An Introduction
  • My Equipment
  • Start Planning
  • Recording your Preliminary Findings
  • Completing a Flying Survey
  • Conduct a Risk Assessment
  • Setting up a Flight

My Logbook - An Introduction

Learn how to get set up on the RPAS Portal. This video provides a walkthrough of how to register for the RPAS portal, add your qualifications, medical details and RPAS type.

Disclaimer: These videos have been filmed for a flight at Humberside Airport – please note that this is a no-fly zone and that special permissions were required to undertake this flight.

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